Here is recent information received from the CBSA:

As you are aware we are working towards a partially opened land border for vaccinated US citizens and permanent residents residing in the United States. (pending all other requirements)

We have had some rule changes with other Government departments which may affect area tourist camps and their guests. These changes centre around bait importations. We received direction and made a plan to implement through out our District, which includes Rainy River, Fort Frances, Pigeon River and Sault Ste Marie.

We will not allow any bait (worms, minnows-live or dead, and obviously no leeches) into Canada. Currently the only ones allowed to import any of these would be commercial bait dealers who may be able to satisfy the CFIA or MNR in order to import them legally.

I would ask for your assistance in getting the message out to all tourist outfitters and in turn, their guests, to not bring any worms, minnows-live or dead, or leeches with them to Canada in August.  They will be required to go back to the United States with the bait as it is prohibited.