Important info received from CBSA:

The border remains closed for non-essential travel until May 22, as
you may have heard. This is assuming we don’t get a big flare up in
cases between now and then.

If the border opens for tourism on May 22, we will be ill prepared to
handle the volume of camp owners seeking work permits all at once. My idea would be to do them by appointment, and I might seek your help with contacting some of your membership and letting them know of our plans.
They can prepare in advance and then come to the border on specific
days and we can process them.
We will start to plan this initiative ahead of the May 22 date,
assuming everything sounds positive.

Assuming the border opens for tourism, anyone entering may have to
quarantine for 14 days before they could open for business.

NOTE: Those camp/lodge owners requiring a WORK PERMIT should contact the Canadian Customs and Immigration office to begin the process for application as soon as possible.