Are you interested in helping out?

The following was received from Greg Waites.  If you are interested please email and we will pass along the information.


I was speaking with someone at the Dryden hospital that was involved in a community response group meeting.

They are in a planning phase and getting ready for IF this pandemic situation is to get worse.  They are looking at different options as to what might be available in the area for bed capacity.  Some of their concerns are, what if we have to clear out 50% of the patients at the hospital to make room, what if people need a space for isolation, what if we need more room for covid patients….

I know this person well and suggested some of the resorts might be able to help.

Do you any winterized cabins that could accommodate someone in need of care or isolation?  Is it winterized and heated?  Is there a bathroom? Is there a shower?  Is there a kitchen?  Is it easily accessible? Would you like to participate in this plan?

The closer to Dryden the better, but I do not know how far reaching they will be looking at.

This will be a good way for some resorts to get some extra revenue in a  year where it might be needed.

Thank you and stay safe,

Greg Waites, RIB, CAIB

Commercial Account Manager