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This is the official website of the Kenora District Camp Owners Association. Founded in 1936, KDCA is the advocacy/lobby organization that collectively represents the interests of the resource-based tourism industry within our operating area in Northwestern Ontario. KDCA represents outfitters across a diverse number of issues, including resource allocation and other government policy and regulations that have direct or indirect impacts on tourist outfitters. We also work to negotiate and mitigate the impacts on tourism from other primary sector activities such as forestry or mining. KDCA works closely with NOTO and with other tourism-support/ advocacy groups in the region, across Ontario, and Canada.

KDCA operates on the premise that by working together, we can better influence Government policy and regulatory issues that could impact resource-based tourism operations. That we are better served by presenting a unified position on issues that impact us. We also operate on the premise that we must inform policy makers in detail, how a policy or regulation can hurt the industry. But we must do this by working together! By taking a unified position on the issues that affect us, we can ensure that ineffective, redundant or harmful policies that impact the resource-based tourism industry are reversed or, at least, reconsidered and modified to minimize their negative effects.

We are also proud to work with our Allied members who support KDCA in its activities and financially through their membership contributions. These equipment suppliers, food suppliers, wholesalers, service businesses, retailers, banks, insurance companies, and many other businesses in the region all help us achieve our organizational objectives. These allied businesses have contributed to what makes the region’s resource-based tourism industry what it is today – one of the most important economic sectors operating in Northwestern Ontario!

Our website is here to assist KDCA in its advocacy efforts, to engage our members and the public through information sharing and to help us achieve our organizational goals and objectives. But it’s here primarily as a resource for you our members! See what KDCA is doing on your behalf, inform yourself of the issues affecting our industry and if your business is not a current member, how you can become one and help us achieve a fair playing field for resource-based tourism operators located in Northwestern Ontario.

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Science staff captured a unique lake sturgeon this summer. Find out more at #MNRFScience

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Do you have a disability or know someone who does? Ontario has laws and standards to help reduce and remove barriers in customer service, access to information, public transportation, employment, outdoor public spaces and more.

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We’re seeking feedback on our hydrogen discussion paper to better understand:

✅ the sector’s needs
✅ the challenges of supporting a hydrogen market
✅ how to enable the private sector to expand the adoption of hydrogen

Learn more & have your say:

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Learn about Canada’s leadership using #NatureBasedSolutions to adapt to climate change.

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#AdaptNow #ResilientRecovery @IISD_news

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Current Events

On-line petition for Canadian Camp Owners

August 20th, 2020|0 Comments

Please see the e-mail received from Eric Melillo's Office. Eric has sponsored a Parliamentary Petition initiated by Jeff Moreau, calling for financial support for tourism operators impacted by COVID-19. This one has been in the [...]

Big Thanks to NOTO

August 6th, 2020|0 Comments

Below is a copy of  an email received by President Harald Lohn: Thanks Harald:   Thanks to KDCA for the generous donation earlier this year. It sure helped us to have the resources to continue [...]

July 6 Town Hall Meeting Update

July 12th, 2020|0 Comments

Here is the breakdown of the $$$ announced…..hopefully something more positive on the 13!!!!   Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries Tele-Townhall Meeting: “Northern Ontario Tourism” – July 06, 2020 July 06, 2020 [...]

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