Traveling to Canada

Below is a list of frequently asked questions we receive from our American guests who are going to be traveling to Canada. If your question is not in the list below please contact us.

Yes, United States law requires all its citizens traveling by land, air or sea from Canada to present a valid passport, NEXUS Card or passport card to Customs and Border Protection when returning to the USA.

More info: Border Crossing Info

Yes, you can use your cellphone although cell service coverage in most parts of Northwestern Ontario is close to non-existent (excluding towns and cities) due to the vast wilderness tracts of land, the rocky Canadian Shield and low population.

If you’re visiting a remote outpost your cell phone won’t work because there are no towers in remote regions.

If you are traveling here and will be in areas near towns and cities where coverage is available, you can use your cellphone but we highly recommend you buy an International coverage plan for the period you are here – to avoid high roaming charges.

Some lodges offer WiFi.

Yes, you do and should get coverage.

Check with your existing insurer to see if your coverage extends into Canada and if not buy additional medical insurance for the duration you’ll be here.

You will never be refused medical care if you require it, but you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket if you do not have insurance.

Yes, as long as the lodge you plan to stay at allows pets and you have a valid rabies certificate for your dog issued by a licensed veterinarian within the previous 24 months.

Find out more about bringing your pet to Canada here.

The answer to this question is yes, most of the time, US dollars are accepted by Canadian retailers, service businesses but not all will accept them.

Some retailers that accept US currency only do so at “par” or at an exchange rate that is lower than what you can get from a banking institution.

Your best bet is to use a valid US Credit card such as Visa or MasterCard where and when you can, and cash for when you can’t.

To get the best rate of exchange, bring your US currency and get Canadian money from a Canadian chartered bank first, then spend the Canadian funds at retailers and service businesses.

No, you cannot. The only exception is worms and they must be in a non-soil bedding e.g. tissue. This regulation is designed to prevent invasive species entering our lake systems.
With the notable exception of handguns yes, you are allowed to bring firearms into Canada during hunting season. Find more information about this here.
Most foods you eat are home are allowed into Canada but there are some restrictions – especially around meat and poultry. Find out more information about this here.
No, as long as you are entering Canada as a tourist angler or boater and you are staying in the country less than 45 consecutive days, you do not need a Canadian Pleasure Craft Operating Card.

This applies whether you are bringing in your own boat (your boat’s State registration is accepted in Canada) or if you are renting a boat from an outfitter. Find out more information about this here.